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10 Ways to a Graceful Career Transition

by on Jul 09, 2009

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In Balance -Shann

stressThese is no doubt career transitions can be stressful.

If you’re facing a significant career transition, here are 10 ways to move gracefully through the experience.

  • Take an honest look at yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses and skills? How did these attributes influence your transition? How can you leverage your strengths?

  • Increase your self-care. Major changes are physically and emotionally taxing. You need EXTREME self-care now more than ever.

  • Engage your curiosity. What went wrong, or right? What could you have done better? What worked really well?

  • Focus on what you want, and less on what you don’t want. Create a comparison and contrast T Chart with what you don’t want on the left and what you do want on the right.  What did you learn?

  • Find support. Since your transition affects your family as well, it may be better to seek the outside support of friends, mentors or a professional life coach.

  • Be Mindful of your thoughts. Calm your fears and reinforce your sense of gratitude, hope and happiness.

  • Stay away from people who are threatened,  jealous or unwilling to support your change.

  • Create your own rite of passage. Ceremony and ritual help with all transitions.

  • Let go of how things were “supposed to be” and accept “how things are.”

  • Keep things in perspective. Or try on a new perspective. The only constant in your life is change.

Allow yourself the time to work through a serious career transition, keep your family and close friends involved, allow for setbacks, work on a reasonable time line and find humor in the day to day journey.  Your life is so much more important than you can imagine.

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2 comments for this entry:
  1. Olivia

    Great stuff thanks for posting that. I find Im reading your posts more and more.

  2. Katie West/The Levity Coach

    Shann….great list. Feels right on for my most recent career transition.
    I heartily echo the importance of self-care, being mindful of your thoughts and choosing to surround yourself with supportive people. Yes!

    Thanks Shann,

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